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Camino de Santiago

Day 12

A great sleep. I'm up early and off to check out flight changes. Unfortunately it is a national holiday here so ull get nothing done today. I will continue on with Hans and Marty. The plan is to do 20ish km for three days as there are some interesting sites to see then catch a bus to Leon. I'll hang in here until then.

Jean Marie has to take many bus rides back to France to pick up his car near St Jean Pied de Port. Misfortune struck him yesterday. ... it is personal so I will not get into details. He seems to take it in stride - good on him.

I saw a young east German we met the first day. He has been in Burgos for two days resting. His friend arrives today and they will both continue with Camino tomorrow. These guys had huge packs. Also, we saw Stephan as we left city. He will rest one more day. His feet are much better and he had new shoes ...lighter and fit properly. I'm sure he will catch up in a few days.

We arrived in Tardajos early aft about 15 km. It is good as I have to catch up on laundry. If you are wondering it is by hand in cold water. It is cooling off here so may not dry by morning. If not it will hang fro my pack tomorrow.

Hasta pronto


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Camino de Santiago

Day 10

Today we go from Belarado to San Juan De Ortega. The plan was to catch a bus there to Burgos ....no bus station there. We would have to go off course 4 km and no guarantee we get a bus. We decide to stay. It was a long grind today - hot.

The good news we are back with Matt and Jackie. I can't remember if I mentioned Jean Marie is back with us. We hope to arrive early tomorrow in Buenos and have small celebration as Jean Marie leaves us - back to France. Also, we part company with Matt and Jackie at Burgos.


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Camino de Santiago

Day 9

Where do I start? Last night in Santo Domino go....I see a guy I think I know - it is Darren Lamothe from Red Deer. He is doing the camino with his sons. I know Darren from leadership group I was part of. I guess there is a reason or is fate when plans ate changed.

Several other pilgrim friends showed up in SD. I saw Stephan again...he saw a doctor and has no infection on feet but must rest a day or two. It seems he decided to do Camino one day and left a couple of days later - does not have good hiking clothes boots too small and then bought heavy socks. He even tried walking without boots before going to see doctor. I'm happy is OK and can continue soon.

The celebrations went late last night but I did not hear them - good ear plugs.

Today - pilgrims packing and leaving by 5:30 - some organized and quiet - others not. A 25 km walk today. We leave at 6:45 to beat the heat (high 20s heading to 30+ by Wednesday. Except for minor discomfort in left Achilles all is good. I found today's walk boring - imagine a walk from Trochue to Three Hills or Calgary to Claresholm -- you are already thinking of packing your pack -- NOT. I gather there are many days like that in front of us -- not a motivator for me. This will become a mental challenge. I like the mountain type hills and scenery - visual stimulation works for me I guess. We have 540 km to go. I see some city sight seeing and bus rides ahead.

We arrived at albergue at 12:15 today - best yet - 7E. Visited with Darren and his sons; Matt and Jackie and Vicky are back with us - or rather I'm back with them. I greeted Hans and Marty with cold beer around 2 pm. It was 30 km walk for them. Marty has swollen tendon on left ankle - sore. Hans continues to treat Achilles with advil. I take a Wiesner dose at bed time for swelling in my Achilles - but reluctant to take during the day. I worry about making it worse.

At some point I must include thoughts about what motivates people to do this walk -
and the socializing aspect. The two points seem connected - more to ponder tomorrow.

A new idea today - I think one should walk first 3 days then rent a bicycle and then walk last 100 km. More on that later.

Also - a small tape recorder to capture ideas through out the day.

One more - walking in Peru and Nepal seemed more sensible - nice pace all day - great breaks and visiting arriving at destination 3:30 ish, here it is race to get a bed. We learned that everything at the next stop booked except municiple hostel...first come first served. A race to morrow -- so will leave earlier. If you do this trip leave more float time.

Buenos Notches


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Camino de Santiago

Day 8 Lagrono to Santo Dominco

Buenas Tardes! I love it when a flexible schedule works out.

I awoke early in Lagrono this morning and hit the streets - not many out and about. I stopped at a café, not many open, for café leche grand and small omelette sandwich. Delicious!

Since the Bus Station was close I checked out options to rejoin Hans and Marty. Turned out it best to catch 11:00 bus to Santo Domingo - they will pass here early Monday morning. Pilgrims who catch a bus, train or taxi ate called cheaters. I am so happy to be in cheater crowd. I got to see some wonderful parts of Lagono and experience the culture. It gets better- a festival started in Santo Domingo this afternoon around 1 pm. I'm not certain but gather tomorrow is a special holiday with celebration starting today. Everyone in the family and town is involved -- incredible. It is siesta time so quiet. I wonder what the night will be like.

At the bus station this morning I see a young man who looks like a pilgrim - so approach. I was right . He is Oiyen with English like my German but we we manage. He had been in Lagono to look after Achilles tendon. We travelled to Santo Domingo together where I met two of his pilgrim friends: Max from Austria and Eva from Germany via Poland. Eva speaks good English. Eva has used the bus and the boys had been teasing her; I suspect it will change now that one of them needed the bus. I must say I've seen a lot of walking wouned today. In any case a fun afternoon walking with festival parades. I took some video shots.

I saw some pilgrim friends in Najera as the bus made a stop there -- I felt good being on the bus.

Remember Stephan the young German doing the Camino to help overcome shyness. He arrived just after me by bus -- his feet are a mess --some infection so off to a Doctor. He saw Hans and Marty last night. I hope his injury is not serious. Also, Barry and Mary Ellen from Hamilton arrived this aft - they did 40km yesterday and still doing well. They believe their own hotel room last night made the difference.

When I arrived back at my bunk the lady above apologizes for squeaky bed. I said nothing you can do about - no worries I'll wear ear plugs. She is from Sydney Az - south Asian decent I think. She is travelling on her own - 2nd Camino (her daughter did walk a few days with her but returned to Auz.

Allowing enough time is critical although on occasional 50 km bus ride no big deal in my mind. Enjoying the people and some hi light scenery is most important.

I look forward to seeing my pilgrim partners tomorrow - and hopefully some of the pilgrim friends we met this past week.

Hasta luego


I'll update you on tonights celebrations tomorrow.

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Camino de Santiago

Day 7

A two hour hike into Lagono - I feel a tweak in left Achilles as I go down the last steep hill into the city. I will stay here for the day and catch up later.

What a beautiful city. It appears European cities do a good job to make city centers attractive for walkers, shoppers and visitors. Lots of little cafes, bars and shops. There are lots of people from young to very old. A group of 5 little old ladies sat next to for awhile this aft. I bet this is part of a weekly routine - all very well dresses and groomed.

I saw Vicki, Hungarian girl, today. She was stopped for a coffee - then trudging on. Amazing, always a big smile and cheerful greeting, Also saw 2 youngDanish guys. They stayed here for almost 2 days as one got sick and needed some medication. Then tthere was the German young man with his Achilles taped and resting a day. I hope mine does not get so bad.

A very enjoyable day. I Skype Leah, my daughter, it was great to hear her voice. Tomorrow I will Skype Sharon and Leah - celebrating moms day.

Hasta pronto


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