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Camino de Santiago

Day 6

Some clean up before Day 6

After leaving Pomplona I mentioned crossing a ridge that divided Narrave and Rioja; I was wrong. Rioja begins just before walking into Lagono.

Day 6, 30km was a grind. The morning started put very pleasant but got hot and windy as day wore on. Everyone bagged when we reached Viana. Many stop with us at first Albergue. We had reserved so OK, the others had to go up the hill.

I'm leaning toward a stop over in Lagono as it is 10km - about 2 hours tomorrow morning. In the event I do stop - time for some good bye.: Jackie and Matt from England - great fun - with Matt being a decent artist, doing various sketches along the way. Jackie a business consultant and author. Will miss the conversation and laughs over pint of beer. Also, Jean Marie must forge ahead so he arrives Burgos on evening of 12th. Despite the language challenges he has been a great companion this past week. It feels sad saying good bye - to people we have only know a week.

Although our Albergue was a first class facility the metal frame beds were not. They sqweaked loudly with slightest moves. There were only 4 bunks in rooms...no one sleep well. Of course there was added noise of some young British soldiers around 1 am home from a pub crawl. Imagine soldiers having luggage sent by car while they walk. Odd! It seems two you ladies from Quebec partied with them. They were loud when coming to bed (our dorm). Then they were up chatting at 4:30 for 30 minutes. When we turned light on at 6:15 (rules say any time after 6) they asked if we would turn out lights and open hall door for light. I declined. One asked if I was German - I said no Alberta. She offered a sarcastic gracias. No response from me or other room mates - just smiled at each other.

A new day begins...


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Camino de Santiago

Day 5

Oh - what a night. The Albergue was wonderful and our hostess Inoa (a Basgue name) made us feel at home. Her and her husband served a terrific Pilgrims dinner: hot garlic soup, salad followed by pasta and meatballs and vanilla cream for dessert.

Off to bed - I may have left out part about being right next to a church...the bells rank every 15 minutes all night,many tired Pilgrims today.

Before I get to today's travels, back to last night. We met a young German, Stephan, who is just finishing Geology degree. Marty and I offered our wisdom on a good career path including companies he should consider. I asked why he was on Camino - he offered he is shy and a friend recommended this trip would help over come the shyness. By joining Marty and I he took a step forward. I then took him to meet the young CDN twins. They were pleased...I hope they see each other again. In any case I mention Stephan as his story fits the life metaphor I shared yesterday.

Today - only 20 km. It was enough. It is first day I really felt it - tired and sore right knee by end of day. Regardless, the scenery is incredible.

We had a beer with Irish ladies this aft - then they moved on to next stop. Tomorrow they go back to Ireland. Great many laughs.

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Camino de Santiago

Day 4

We rose to a clear blue sky in Cizur De Menor; better yet, the wind generating turbines o the ridge to the west were still. This meant no wind which is unusual for this region. It was approx 2 hours to top of the ridge. An incredibly beautiful view both directions - pictures will confirm. The ridge separates Navarro from Rioja.
A great walk today - generally flat with a few challenging climbs. It appears there is a group of people we will see often enroute. Good!

Late this afternoon we met a young Chinese CDN from Edmonton - outgoing and witty. When talking about Oilers he says, "I'm disappointed to hear NHL is looking to add a team in Vegas - Edmonton should get one first."

I remain amazed at the diversity - age and physical shapes - but everyone shows up at end of day - some looking very exhausted but still made it.

It seems weird some of the things that cross your mind while walking - especially on the difficult stages. Growing up in presence of many farming relatives I recall hearing a phrase - never get stuck in a mud hole. I'm sure they meant it as stated. Today it became a metaphor for life: in life - like the difficult spot on a hill - you can quit - go back or persevere. The only real option is to push ahead. As I crested the very steep section, although there was more hill at a gradual incline, I noticed my pace picked up along with a growing sense of satisfaction of reaching the top. Same in life - I think. What do you think?

We have walked just over 100 km - I'm sensing 775 km is a long walk with a pack on your back. I noticed that Marty, our friend from Hawaii, picked up his pace once he put is sandals on this aft. Like all Hawaiians, im sure they find shoes are strange things. I may join him if weather is hot and trail is reasonable.

I really hope I can find a computer soon to load pictures. We are in a very beautiful area.

Marty layed down a couple minutes ago - just started to snore - everyone in the room started to laugh - along with - oh my god! Such good cover for me.

Buenos Noches


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Camino de Santiago

April 24 - the journey begins. The back pack is loaded and still under 10 kgs.

My son Spenser and I depart for Paris on April 26. He returns May 2 while I travel by train to St Jean Pied de Port to join Hans and Marty.

I'm curious to see if I remain committed to keep the blog alive as I complete this adventure. Hmmm

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Camino de santiago

Testing - April 14

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